Florian Hoffmeier

florian-hoffmeier2is training martial arts for more than 20 years. After a singers education as a young boy and eight years of intense Judo-practice he started training the brazilian movement-art Capoeira in 2001. In 2006 he  joined the contemporary Capoeira group CECAB / Água de Beber and became student of Mestre (Master) Roberio Ratto Queiroz with whom he has been training and working together regularly  during the past 10 years.

On travels throughout Brazil and Europe he also learned from other recognized Capoeira Masters, such as Luiz Renato, Cobra Mansa, Lua Rasta, Nenel and Espirro Mirrim. Parallel to his studies of Capoeira he got insights into various other contemporary movement practices.

Since 2012 he has been teaching Capoeira in cultural centers and on festival in Germany, Brazil, France and Hungary. As a freelance movement artist he is also researching and working at the intersection of martial-arts, dance, rhythm-work and movement improvisation.

Florian is graduated physician (medical doctor) by the University of Rostock and helds a license to practice medicine by the german medical association since 2014. His medical work experience includes work and research in internal medicine, neuropharmacology, sports medicine and dance health.

During the past 10 years he involved himself in a varity of projects related to contemporary movement culture, including the creation of a youth-theater piece in Brazil, several artistic performances, cultural youth exchanges and the production of a CD with afro-brazilian percussive music.

Project Partners / Sponsors (2006-ongoing):

Pôle Ressources Jeunesse Deschepper (Roubaix), Cultural Center Ufa-Fabrik, TerraBrasilis, Schlesische 27, Podewill, Uni-Karate-Dojo Berlin, Youth- and cultural Center SPIRALE, 27 Dance Monkeys, Theatro Edson Queiroz (Fortaleza), Universidade de Fortaleza (Unifor), German Ministery for Family, Women, Youth and the Elderly, Association for socio-cultural work e.V., German Dance Federation, [GeMEINsam], MOV Fortaleza, DAAD/Office of foreign academic affairs, Competence Center for Dance Medicine, Youthclub Delbrücke, Refugee Church St. Simeon, Sven Seeger, Be van Vark, Anna Nemeth, Manni Spaniol, Beneficial Association Água de Beber e.V., Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung, Felix Rachor.