What is CECAB ?

Berimbau mulheresCECAB – Centro Cultural Capoeira Água de Beber.

We are a cultural non-profit-organisation to preserve and spread Capoeira and other Afro-Brazilian and contemporary cultural manifestations.

Main focus of our work is the teaching of of the dance-fight Capoeira and  other dances such as Maculélé, Ciranda, Frevo and Samba de Roda

maculele 4

Being an interdisziplinary cultural center we support the diversification of Capoeira and  the development of young artists. Thus the members of CECAB also engage themselfes in contemproary theater- and dance projects or social-cultural actions in the field of health, environment, sustainability and responsible citizenship.


Founded in 2002 by Mestre Roberio ‘Ratto’ Queiroz the headquater is based in Fortaleza (Brazil) and there are currently more than 20 local groups in Brazil, Europe and South America. Since its foundation Água de Beber worked with noumerous highly recognized Capoeiristas, artists, dancers, choreographers and cultural-political active persons. In several countries the organization is officially registered as a non-profit-organization. In Brazil it was officialy recognized as ‘ponto de cultura’ (cultural meeting point) in 2013 by the local government of Ceará. With the support of private and public grants the organization has successfully initiated and conducted numerous projects on national and international level during the last ten years.

In Capoeira CECAB is standing for a contemporary form of Capoeira with a well-approved training system and systematic teaching – at the same time we dedicate ourselves to preserve the traditions of the old masters and the diversity of Capoeira as an art of body language and cultural manifestation.

100_1355From the low-threshold-workshop to the international festival – we try to conduct our projects  with a maximum of passion and professionality. That for we have a well working network of teachers, partners and sponsors.